Hello, I’m Alessandro Pascoli.

A holistic Brand CX Designer and Creative Leader.

I have extensive experience of working with brands to have meaningful conversations with customers and stakeholders. Create unified experiences across digital, physical and human touchpoints. Integrate Interaction Design into products, services and brands.

Combining branding and digital breadth, I can lead, design, and collaborate across the whole process: research and data, design and concept development, prototyping and implementation.

Currently Design Director at C Space, Interbrand Group, I lead a multidisciplinary team to deliver Insights, Innovation, Segmentation, Customer Closeness, Customer Experience, Prototyping, and Brand Design work.

I’ve designed for visionary entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and global brands for the like of Air France KLM, Aviva, Capri Sun, Colgate, Diageo Blossom Hill, Elsevier, Global Hotel Alliance, Google, Ikano, Ikea, Jaguar Land Rover, McDonald’s, Omnicom, Orange, Philips, Sanofi, Swiss Re, Takeda, Tandem Bank, The Lord of the Rings Italian merchandise, Twitter, Uber, Zurich.

I believe design is a lifelong learning discipline that serves human needs for safety, understanding, achievement and beauty.

Design background

Brand, Branding, Brand Design — Identities, Products and Services — CX customer experience — UX/UI — Prototyping — Experiences mapping.

Expertise in

Simplification — Human-Centred approach — Learning by Doing process — Design Thinking — Design Crafts — Brand as experiences — Experiences as branding.


Cutting-edge knowledge of design fundamentals, methodologies and techniques — Leading multidisciplinary teams — Advanced Adobe Creative Suite, prototyping and interactivity (Ps, Ai, Id, Xd, InVision, Sketch, HTML/CSS). Workshop facilitator.

Passionate about

Symbols — Typography — Aesthetics — Digital humanities — Early, Baroque, Minimalism, House music — Cooking — Art History — Design — Tweed jackets — Seafood spaghetti — Risotto — Quantum mechanics — Speyside single malts — Ingmar Bergman — Labradors.