Celebrating CAPRI SUN's "Past Present and Future" experience.

Designing the 50th anniversary as a vehicle to talk strategy.

Facial recognition vending machine user interface UI.


Client: Capri Sun Group Holding AG.

Brief: Capri Sun is the biggest kids' juice in the world. But Capri Sun doesn't distribute to retailers. They rely on Distribution Partners like Coca Cola, to get their 7 billion pouches into 100 markets.
The CEO wanted to turn Capri Sun's 50th anniversary into an inspiring, future-focused experience for their biggest global business partners.

Strategy: Insight and Foresight, Customer-Centricity.

Design: Information design, Experiential design, Exhibition design.
Project: Bring to life Capri Sun's strategies around sustainability, new product development, and health. Craft CEO's and keynote speakers speeches. Plan and brand the event. Create films to support strategy presentations and report the day.
Design and build the Strategy Experience, turning a factory floor into a space to showcase the Capri Sun's strategic vision.
These were physical and facilitated stations: facial recognition vending machine and guided explorations of the Future of Shopping, Production, Sustainability, Wellness and Portfolio.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: Creative Director.

Alessandro Pascoli

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