THE PLUM GUIDE (2016-2020): brand identity and interactions.

Travel perfected by humans, not algorithms.



THE PLUM GUIDE (2016-2020)
Travel perfected by humans, not algorithms.

Client: Plu&m Ltd. London.

Human truth: "I love staying in rented apartments or villas when on holiday. [...] They simply are much more fun when we travel in a group (three or more of us); much cheaper, for the same location and size I'd pay double in a hotel; a more authentic experience. However, there are some real challenges with the experience of these apartments when using the likes of Airbnb or HomeAway: it is hit or miss; finding something great, is like looking for a needle in a haystack… if you are lucky; it is hard work."

Understand/Define: Reversing completely the traditional way to position and design a brand. Instead of defining strategy and visual identity to apply top-down, we started first mapping both guest and host experiences. Then, we create the design system in an incremental way (agile), iterating and developing tokens, interfaces, and experiences accordingly the on-going conversations with the audience.

Design/Deliver: Truly human-centred brand interactions and experiences. Logo, identity, digital product, CX, UX, UI, prototyping.

My role: Creative Director, ID/CX/Digital Product Designer.

Alessandro Pascoli

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