4x MVPs for IKEA consumers

(Project under NDA)

Generating ideas at the intersection between what people want and expect from the home and what IKEA can do to help them achieve it.


Client: IKEA (IKANO/Swiss Re).

Brief: 6 weeks engagement to co-create, develop and testing solutions for IKEA consumers in Switzerland as the market pilot.

Strategy: Insight and Foresight, Innovation, Customer Experience.

Design: Product design, CX/UX/UI/Prototyping.

Project: 2 days of synthesis session with the clients to generate platforms. 3 days hackathon: 20x consumers plus IKANO and IKEA Switzerland stakeholders to generate ideas and propositions; 300 consumers overnight survey (Malaysians, Germans, Americans) to test propositions. Ideation. 10 more consumers to iterate hypothesis. 4x final proposition prototypes, 1x concept book to capture insight, user journeys ideas and final propositions.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: UX Design Director, workshop facilitator.

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