Uber Rider Experience

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Full end-to-end mapping and critical opportunity to identify the significant pain and gain points that work to shape the experience people speak about ultimately.

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"The impact of this work could really have only been realised through a strong strategic partnership and C Space understood early on that more than a detailed map of our customer experience, what we really needed were the tools to activate and embed this in the business."

Daniela Nortjé, Customer Experience, Insights, Innovation, Uber EMEA.


Client: Uber EMEA.

Brief: Understanding the end-to-end customer journey, from the first contact to a loyal user. Identifying moments that matter to improve the experience and build stronger emotional brand connection. Delivering actionable insights beautifully designed with simple visual comprehension.

Strategy: Insight and Foresight, Customer Experience.

Design: Product Design, CX/UX/UI/Prototyping, Information design.

Project: Existent and new qualitative and quantitative customer research x4 markets (data, online, interviews), ride-along to gain insights. Journey map definition and validation, co-creation workshops. Rider experience map and digital tool kit: website hub with the interactive map, opportunity platforms, moments that matter cards, raw data and project documentation.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: Creative Director, UX Designer.

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